To be part of your amazing day is fantastic; it's immense pleasure knowing that the images we take will give you wonderful memories for years to come.

Traditional as well as contemporary style of photography featuring a series of candid photos as well as pre-planned shots covering the wedding day. This gives you a series of unique images aimed to "tell the story" of your wedding day.
Baby Photography
We specialize in newborn baby photography, baby's birthday photography, maternity and family portrait photography.
We create timeless albums from your old pictures. Simply handover the old photographs from any of your wedding functions and leave it to us to completely create a new memory out of those images!
We also specialize in pre-bridal and pre-wedding shoots. Pre-wedding shoots involve about an hour or so of photographs in a great location that we can agree on together, maybe somewhere that means something to you or just somewhere that will give us great shots.
Pre Bridal Couple Shoot
This is one of our very favourite, quite challenging and at the same time lots of fun to shoot. It is a must for every wedding event. A time, when the couple is running through a lot of emotions – excited, nervous, tensed & happy – and our lens loves the theme.
Maternity Shoot
We not only capture beautiful, artistic and natural maternity photos but convert them into mothers-to-be maternity portraits. We love doing this sort of work because of the intimacy and beauty inherent to this kind of photography. Our approach is natural, candid and photo-journalistic.